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If you have read book Managing Sticky Situations at Work and find yourself wanting more, Joan has designed specific coaching programs that will expedite your learning process.

Having studied and developed patterns of confident communication among VIPs, Senior Executives, high-level professionals and other top achievers, she created the proprietary Say It Just Right model which she can teach you. Decades of experience both as an educator and as a coach Joan learned the communications secrets for success in the workplace. The Say It Just Right model will help build your confidence as a successful communicator.

Joan's Coaching Programs

Joan’s clients excel in the following communication competencies—Choose which you’d like to have yourself:

Learn to take risks: Successful communication involves taking risks. To take risks requires low levels of anxiety and high levels of confidence. Joan’s clients learn state-of-the-art techniques for overcoming the fear of saying it just right. By employing the Decision Points, you will put that anxiety and fear in their place. You’ll discover that by saying it just right you can gain more than by saying nothing.

Conflict resolution: Sticky situations are ripe with disagreement. The Say It Just Right model will help you find resolutions to your conflict in ways that do not destroy relationships. You’ll understand the need for compassion and curiosity. Whether the conflict arises with your boss or your number one client, you will learn the skill to find win-win solutions.

Nonverbal communication: Communicating words is less than half the game. To Say It Just Right, you must learn what your nonverbal messages are saying. The way you look, your actions as well as how your voice sounds all impact your message. Confident communicators, who say it just right, know this. For people to genuinely believe your compassion and your curiosity, you must learn to read nonverbal communication as well as control your own nonverbal messages.

Assertive, confident communication: Develop the right level of assertiveness. Learn how express how you’re thinking and feeling, ward off an unwanted sexual overture, say no, ask for help, delegate, disagree with others, and set limits by saying it just right.

Meeting Management: Running productive meetings is a constant leadership challenge. Cliques develop as well as personality conflicts. Learn how to manage meetings by understanding the stages of team development. By saying it just right in meetings you win the trust and respect of others.

Market yourself: Confident communicators know how to say what they do in a way that attracts the interest of others. They focus their business endeavors and produce amazing results. Joan’s clients move from moderate business growth to double and triple figures. How? They have the confidence to establish a plan of action to go after it.

“As a result of Joan’s coaching and the accountability of reporting in each week, I am pleased to say that in just three weeks, I am at 85% of my goal of achieving 20 new clients. In addition, I have completed a number of other projects that had been languishing the in the land of ‘I don’t have time to get it done.’ As a result of working with Joan, I will earn approximately $20,000 in new business. Now that is value!”

Barb Giamanco,

“The seminar and follow up coaching offered by Joan Curtis provided the marketing focus, discipline and creative process I needed to develop and grow my business. The simple approach of the program took out the overwhelming aspects of marketing, and provided an easy tool for creating and following a plan. Of course, having the accountability back to Joan was also a real benefit. Anyone wanting to grow their business would benefit from the program, and absolutely the follow up coaching.”

Bernadette Boas,

“At the beginning of the coaching, Dr. Joan Curtis asked us all what we hoped to get out of the experience. Never one to be shy about speaking my mind, I told her I wanted an action plan for growing my business. She smiled and said she thought I'd be pleased with the seminar.

"Pleased??" No, I think "ecstatic" is probably more the case. The puzzle pieces are falling into place and I can see a bigger picture for my business. I'm ramping up the workload but am also ramping up the business and the potential growth. And I know the sky's the limit. Thanks, Joan!”

Sandy Weaver Carman,

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