Does this resemble you?

A colleague asks you to recommend him for promotion. You know he is less than adequate. In fact, you've had to complete his work to meet deadlines.

What do you do?

You supervise a group of six professionals. You were promoted from within their ranks. Each has worked at the job longer than you, but you have more formal education. The group is now sabotaging your every move.

What do you do?

Your boss blocks you from making important changes in the way you deal with clients. Three have already told you they plan to use a competitor's service. You talk to your boss, but he refuses to make the changes, saying: "This is the way it's always been done." You know your boss is coasting to retirement and not interested in rocking the boat. During an informal function you see your boss's boss and have an opportunity to share your concerns.

What do you do?

What gives Powerful Leaders that special edge?

Experience helps, but what matters more is the ability to deal with many kinds of sticky situations at work. No matter how long you've been working, whether one week or thirty years, you've experienced situations that have caused you to pause. You've stopped and wondered what to do.

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When facing sticky business situations, most of us do not know what to do. We often respond inappropriately, and the situation becomes worse. And most of the books out there don’t tell us what to do.

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Managing Sticky Situations at Work: Communication Secrets for Success in the Workplace provides a new way to respond—using the “Say It Just Right” model of communication. Finally there’s a book that will show you how to get out of those sticky situations! The book covers all kinds of situations, including those involving difficult bosses, co-workers, clients, and subordinates. It uses examples from all kinds of industries — from health care, information technology, small business, and retail to public service and more-- examining situations that come up in interviews, in meetings, in awkward etiquette moments, and in online communications.

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Specifically, the book:

  • Demonstrates a method for handling difficult situations in clear, practical language the you can use immediately
  • Provides 26 practical examples of sticky situations at work and then analyzes them using the “Say It Just Right™” model
  • Covers meeting management, strategic interviewing, proper etiquette, and laws pertaining to sexual harassment
  • Includes six quizzes you can take to learn more about how you currently respond to difficult situations
  • Gives you the tools for handling all those pesky little people problems that crop up every day at work
  • Teaches you how to become a powerful leader who knows how to “Say It Just Right” every time!
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When you finish reading Managing Sticky Situations at Work, you will be skilled at applying the Say It Just Right™ Model. You will gain that edge that powerful leaders—those people you respect—already know. People problems that keep you up at night will no longer consume your valuable time.

Quote from Deborah, Salt Lake City, Utah

This book is directed to the numerous managers, manager-in-training and professionals who deal with these everyday "sticky" problems at work. The essence of leadership is people skills--it's the ability to communicate effectively in any situation. It's the ability to say it just right the first time, without regrets or second thoughts. It's that certain something that enables you to take the high road and talk your way out of any sticky situation, even e-sticky situations.


  • What to do when your boss asks you to do something “unethical”
  • How to handle an employee who undermines everyone on the team
  • What to do with a client who flirts with you
  • How to handle an unlawful questions in interview setting
  • What to do when you have to fire your friend
  • How to handle a meeting full of cliques

Managing Sticky Situations at Work will walk you through each of these situations and many more.

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