About Joan

Dr. Joan Curtis has a passion for helping people communicate. With over 25 years experience as a speaker and trainer, her participants constantly marvel at her energy and enthusiasm. Her recent book, Managing Sticky Situations at Work: Communication Secrets for Success in the Workplace describes situations she and her clients have experienced over the years.

“When you love what you do, it shows,” says Dr. Curtis. “My goal is to help people see that they can be more than they believed possible. Continued refinement of our communication skills is one vital way to expand our abilities. I created the Say It Just Right™ Model of communication to give people a formula they can use to improve their personal interactions.”

That’s not just advice for clients – Joan has lived the life-long learning model herself. Following her passion for written expression, she wrote her first book, Strategic Interviewing: Skills and Tactics for Savvy Executives.

“When I find a need, I like to search for ways to fill it. With my first book I learned that people struggled with the interview process—looking for a structure that did not exist. I recognized the need to create a new form of interview—the strategic interview. By doing so, I’ve helped hundreds of leaders hire the right people.”

Later Joan explored the field of executive coaching where she worked with clients struggling in the workplace. “They dealt with tough situations with bosses, co-workers and clients. They struggled to make their meetings function efficiently. Many issues surfaced that I later called, sticky situations. These are little messes we all find ourselves in.” How do we get out of those sticky situations without hurting others? She wondered.

That question lead to the research and later publication of Managing Sticky Situations at Work as well as Joan’s Say It Just Right blog.

Joan is known for her energetic seminars and teleclasses in saying it just right, business etiquette, strategic interviewing, developing powerful presentations, high performance coaching, skills for speaking with confidence, image making, conflict resolution, developing high performance teams, and facilitation skills.